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Polyurethane condom will be a big opportunity

Our company successfully produced 001 002 003mm male condom and polyurethane female condom, we are pleasure produce in clients own brand, welcome inquiry us!


Normal latex condom’s thin is 0.06mm, maybe the best one can up to 0.045mm. But polyurethane condom’s thin up to 0.01mm 0.02mm and 0.03mm, that can make consumer feel the body’s temperature easily.


Strength of polyurethane enables this product to be much thinner than normal latex condoms. Approx 3 times higher bursting pressure and 2 times higher tensile strength in comparing with latex condoms.


Polyurethane material better consumer, because most consumer are allergic to natural latex, so we can use polyurethane condom freely.


Alignment of urethane molecules in high density makes a smoother surface and natural feeling for polyurethane condom, just like wear no condom at all.


Bio-compatible and non-toxic, safe to use, so we can use polyurethane condom freely without any worry.

Heat conductivity

With its superior heat conductivity, heat is transmitted to your partner as if almost no condom was being used. So you can feel partner body warm easily.

001 mm

001 mm

0.01mm is the top thinnest thickness we can reach, if you want bring 001mm so thin condom to your consumer? it will be a surprise for you.
002 mm

002 mm

0.02mm is best sell thin condom in all our product line, because 002mm better cost than 001mm but which also can offer consumer the feeling of skin.


As 003mm condom still better thin feeling than latex condom’s 0.06mm, but the cost is better, so you can choose it if you don’t have enough budget, but you want bring the non latex condom to your consumer.
Female condom

Female condom

Our polyurethane female condom also brand new to the condom industry, not only thin, but also good feeling of skin for both partner, female consumer like it too much.

Why choose us?

condom factory

We produce by own plant, which make sure we have advantage in cost and quality control.

Our sales team always service clients at first time, better by skype or whatsapp, so we can serve you within 5 minutes.

Our engineers can work as clients own idea to test the any new idea of condom.



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